Far Eastern Federal University is the highest-ranking university in eastern Russia. According to the ratings of the Russian Ministry of Education, FEFU is one of the top five Russian universities. The University has its origins in 1899 at the time when the Oriental Institute was founded in Vladivostok.

FEFU is the only university of eastern Russia accredited as a scientific university by the Russian Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology. It earned this accreditation for its scientific achievement.

The mission of Far Eastern Federal University is to foster the intellectual, spiritual, and physical development of students, to discover their talents, to develop their professional knowledge and skills, and to shape the ability of graduates to renew and deepen their education throughout life. This university has the panel of trained qualified specialists. All classes are equipped with cameras and conference facilities, allowing you to have meetings with your academic partners from other universities worldwide or to attend global lectures given over the internet by world famous professors.

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