1. What is my eligibility to study MBBS abroad?

1)The applicant must be above 17 years of age and must have passed 10+2 Level from any recognized Council/Board of India or abroad

2)She/he must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology as elective subjects and obtained a minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined with practical.

3)The candidates should have appeared for and qualified in NEET – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.

4)The candidate should have a valid Passport.

2.Can I purse PG from same University?

No, According to MCI, medical PG degrees from 5 countries are only valid in India – USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. And if you want to pursue PG in any of these country, then you are required to score well in the mandatory screening tests for the country from where you want to pursue  your post graduation

3.Can I settle or work in same country after MBBS?

Yes, you can but after completion of course you have to apply for work permit as per the country’s visa rules but usually students prefer to come back to India or they prefer any country in European Union as salary is very low compared to India in most of the countries in European Continent.

4.Is full course taught in English?

The medium of Instruction is ENGLISH. However local Language class is included. This is to make the students comfortable by enabling them to communicate with the locals and more easily with patients

5.Is Course recognized?

We are providing admissions to only MCI recognized Universities. Not every Medical University in the world are recognized, It is essential to thoroughly research any medical college you are planning to apply for  so that you can verify its recognition in its own country and in India.

Visit the Medical Council of India website to confirm it. Also, check whether it is recognized by WHO (World Health Organization).

6.Is MBBS abroad valid in India?

Yes, It Is valid in India but for taking registration to practice in India one need to clear the FMGE Screening test /Exit test.Most probably from this year both the students who have studied their MBBS from India or abroad, need to give the Exit exam together for their Registration

7.Will fees vary yearly or remain same?

Universities sign contract with students to ensure students that their fee will remain same and unchanged for their complete duration of education.

Complete Fees structure with amount in US dollars will be mentioned in the offer letter provided by the university during admission. So fee may not vary yearly but due to variation in dollar rates amount may fluctuates for international students

8.What is the total fee for a MBBS Program abroad?

In this respect, it needs to be made clear that the involved fees vary according to the type of university you are planning to get enrolled in, state-funded institutions charges different rates compare to private once. It is important to inform the concerned authority who will finance you about the university you are planning to seek admission in. Our academic counselors will help you get clear information about fee structure and charges. We avoid any hidden charges. Receipts will be provided for all the payments.

9.Will students get education loan to study abroad? Do we have to pledge any document in the bank for same?

Yes, students will get education loan from all nationalized banks to study MBBS in MCI recognized Universities abroad.

As per RBI and Indian Banker’s Association (IBA), for educational loan up to 7 lakhs no collateral or margin is required and if amount is beyond 7 lakhs then a document has to be pledged.

10.Can a student write NEET examination after taking admission and qualify before he completes course?

No, As per the new rule from Medical Council of India ( MCI)  its mandatory for students to qualify NEET examination at the time of admission in order for them to get the MCI eligibility .

11.Can i work in USA after completing MBBS?

Yes, medical degrees from the universities where we are providing admissions are recognized worldwide. Students can practice in USA after completing the course provided they have to clear the mandatory licensing exam of USA (USMLE).

12.Do students get any scholarship to study MBBS abroad? Where can students do their internship after completing course?

There is no scholarship for students to study in Russia and Ukraine .Most Top Universities allow students to complete their internship in that country itself. In addition to this they also allow students to return to their home country to do Internship

13.In future does the student have access / University transfer to Germany or any other developed country?

Yes, Students can transfer the University to any other University in European Union as most of the colleges follow Bologna Process (European Credit Transfer Systems).

14.Why Eduworld recommend Russia or Ukraine above UK and Canada?

We recommend Russia or Ukraine for MBBS aspirants than other countries because of following reasons

1) No entry level exams in Russia and Ukraine where as in UK and Canada students have to clear entrance exams to get admission

2) Fee in Russia and Ukraine are very low compared to UK and Canada

3) MCI coaching is available in Universities of Russia and Ukraine

4) Russia and Ukraine offers safe and secured environment for Indian students

5) MBBS Degree in Ukraine and Russia are valid in Europe (Bologna process)

15.Does Eduworld provide service /support to student during entire course period?

Yes, our service is for full 6 years. We not only help students to get admission but also provide post admission support for the students during their entire course. Students/ parents can feel free to contact us for any assistance during their entire course

16.Is there any possibility for the parent could travel along with the student at initial stage or afterwards?

Yes, Parents / friends / relatives of students can visit the University Campus provided they have to apply for tourist visa.

If the parents want to visit to Medical University, we will make necessary arrangements at their own cost.

17.Do you have any associates/ office/ representatives available in the country or University?

Yes, we have our representatives in every University we recommend and also our staffs will be available on call for any assistance

18.Is it mandatory to clear exit exam/ FMGE to practice in India?

Yes, it’s mandatory to clear Exit exam/ FMGE to practice in India as it is a licensing exam to get registered in MCI as doctor

Most probably from this year both the students who have studied their MBBS from India or abroad, need to give the Exit exam together for their Registration

19.Why we need to choose or select Eduworld above other consultancies? Does Eduworld have any additional advantage or uniqueness above other agencies?

Following factors makes us unique from other consultancies

  1. 20+ years of expertise in the field of abroad education .We are pioneers in overseas education consultancy
  2. Wide exposure compared to others as our associates/ counselors already visited the destination countries and have firsthand experience
  3. Post admission Services: we not only help students to get admitted to the colleges but also provide full assistance in their entire course duration
  4. Most trusted and reliable education consultant in Kerala
  5. Excellent team with very informative and supportive counselors.

20.Can students practice in India after completing Medical Education Abroad?

Yes, you can practice in India. In order to be a medical practitioner you have to register yourself with the State or Indian Medical Council. For this you have to appear for a screening test. On clearing the screening test you are eligible for registration as a doctor and allowed to practice medicine like all other doctor